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DUNCAN AG is a specialist supplier of the highest quality farm machinery for the professional farmer. Duncan Ag's strong commitment to innovation, strength and quality has placed them at the forefront of farm machinery for the past 70 years.

Founded in 1937 by Bill Clough, DUNCAN AG began designing, developing and building swamp ploughs. From there, under the leadership of George Clough until 1993, the company went on to build a solid reputation that has endured through to the present date.

Each of the machines that DUNCAN AG manufactures are being continually created stronger and better using some of the world's best technology. New Zealand and Australia are benefiting from this process and are now producing some of the world's highest yield pasture for all stock grazing applications, due in part to being able to access the high quality DUNCAN AG Seed Drills.

The MK4 RENOVATOR comes with the following features as standard:

♦ Large capacity bins

♦ 25mm coil tine and DUNCAN "T" boot with Tungsten tile on leading edge

♦ Weather skirts to cover over the seeder units

♦ Safety rails on platform

♦ Weigh kit with scales

♦ Electronic hectare meter

♦ Safety Chains

♦ Stainless steel agitator shaft

These DUNCAN AG seed drills are easy to set up and operate, are accurate in seed and/or fertlizer placement and distrbution. The company is well known for making superior equipment for feeding out baled hay and silage bales, equipment that works with minimum wastage and better feed consumption. DUNCAN AG products can be relied upon to deliver reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, longer machine life, AND have excellent resale value.

The DUNCAN AG Enviro DD30 has many unique features such as:

♦ Scalloped disc followed by a plain disc to open the seeding slot (double disc drill)

♦ "Air Seeder" seed delivery for optimum results

♦ Electronic hectare metre to measure fan speed and area sown

♦ Split hopper with concealed distributor head

♦ Easy, accessible calibration with stow away tray

♦ High and low range output setting